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Hello dear visitor!

I am very pleased that you take your time to explore my site about the HARD ROCK CAFE and I hope you like what you see.

In June 1996 I have visited my first HRC by pure chance. While visiting the Universal Studios in Hollywood (LA) the huge guitar in front of a new café caught my eye. Unlike many other cafés this one had a house built especially for this purpose.

I was fascinated by the interior decoration, and I was thrilled as much by the many genuine pieces of collection from various stars and the originality (for instance the car) as I was by the excellent music and service. A year later my travel-compagnion and I took the locations of HRC into consideration while planning the route of a trip which lead us through North America for several months.

Up to now I have visited 67 Hard Rock Locations in Europe and northern America, 56 are cafes. Of course not all HRC are as special as the one in Hollywood. But each of them features its genuine charm and I always feel at ease in these restaurants. The food is not extraordinary but it was truly never bad.

Here still some personal data about me.
My name is Beat Bodenmann. Beat is a typically Swiss first name meaning "the lucky-one" and is often misunderstood and mispronounced in English speaking countries (say: Bé art - but without the r-sound). I live in Münchenbuchsee, a village situated near Bern, the Swiss capital. I have been 44 this year. In spite of a wonderful marriage I am single again and always looking for a travel companion for the next holyday.

Travelling is one of my favorite occupations in my free time and I have already spent a great amount of time in North America. North America is always thrilling me (as a region to travel within!). The fact that most of the HRC I've visited are situated in USA and Canada reflect this preference.
Movies, reading, bowling and playing golf are my favorite leasuretime occupations. And yes, now and then I spend some time working at my website.
And I collect the Hard Rock Cafe shot glasses. You can find my collection and all about the glasses in this webiste.

Being rather quiet by nature and an eternal optimist, I use to think positively and enjoy the life as it is. My job is very interesting but also demanding. Therefore I do not always have as much free time as I'd like to have but it offers me the opportunity of realising some of my dreams.


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Beat 2002
Beat 2004 in Bristol.

My first Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood 1996

Hollywood 1996

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